Before I could multiply or tie my own shoes, I interviewed Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

Elvis— as in my older sister—and Priscilla—as in my younger sister—both dressed in black wigs and my mother’s mod mistakes from the 70’s, sat down for an exclusive interview about their marriage and the future of rock ‘n’ roll. I used (what is now considered) a vintage tape recorder to capture the moment and began leading the interview with personal questions and a serious face. I was all business in an ill fitted blazer that belonged to my grandmother, and a black skirt that I had to fold at the waist and secure with safety pins to keep from mooning my live audience (my dog, cat, and two American Girl dolls). It must have been hard for my mother to take this seriously as I spoke into her kabuki brush and asked Elvis what he thought of the Rolling Stones.

While nothing has quite surmounted to a Q&A with the king of rock n roll, I found it hard to imagine my life going in any other direction.

And so, I went on to interview more rockstars. As an English major at Saint Joseph’s University, I wrote for the student newspaper, The Hawk, where I profiled professors and star students, and even gave advice on how to get through the growing pains of figuring out who you are in college.  (put hawk clippings  here, tighten, add column work) Nothing inspires me/intrigues me more than passionate, quirky people. Sit on a park bench for a half hour. You’ll see what I mean.

My internship at Main Line Today Magazine only amplified my role as a storyteller. I interviewed nonprofits (put links here) picked the brains of local authors (put 2 links here) learned that not all superheroes wear capes–they sometimes wear a dead lady’s clothes and speak into a makeup brush. That’s right, I became my own hero because I pursued my passion. I realized that there were too many stories to be told to let them pass me by on a park bench or hide somewhere in a dark place. (too corny, ew, add to this )


P.s- I’m good for a giggle and even some beauty/trend advice (my style has improved since the days of the Elvis interview). (add hercampus articles here)